We will undertake laundry of horse rugs and clothing and associated items, as well as reproofing and repairs as instructed by you.

All rugs and equestrian clothing will be treated with anti-bacterial rinse as standard.

If the horse has been in contact with ringworm or strangles, or other contagious diseases, you must advise us when dropping off the rug, so we can take additional precautions to avoid any cross-contamination. We will treat these rugs with an additional anti-viral and antifungal agent. We do not usually charge for this additional service, although we reserve the right to do so if we deem it necessary.

We aim to send rugs out looking as clean and hair free as possible. We will allocate a standard amount of time to de-hairing your rug. If the rug is very hairy and you require additional de-hairing, this can be provided for an additional fee.  Please advise us if you would like this service.

We aim to turn rugs around in 1 week, although during busy periods this can be longer. You should be advised of any changes to our standard turnaround time, when you place your order. We will contact you when your rugs are ready, if you are collecting them.

Delivery & Collection

Wherever possible, our collection and delivery service is free of charge. However, we reserve the right to make a charge for this service in order to recover our costs if necessary (e.g  for a small number of rugs that cannot wait until we are in the area, or for longer journeys outside of our normal catchment area).

Please ensure you have labelled the rugs clearly with your name, contact details and instructions for what you want doing (ie any reproofing or repairs, or just washing).

If you do not supply us with instructions on/ before the date we collect the rugs, we will wash only (ie no reproofing or repairs), in order to keep the cost down for you. We may attempt to contact you to check the instructions, if time allows.


If we notice a major repair that renders the rug unsafe or unusable, and you have not asked for a repair, we will attempt to contact you. If we are unable to get a response within 7 days, we will not carry out the repair.

We aim to notify customers,  where we anticipate a repair will be in excess of £12. However, this cannot be guaranteed, sometimes repair work can be more complicated and take longer than originally anticipated. If you have a maximum budget for repairs for any particular rug, please advise us when dropping off the rug (or when booking if for collection).


Our payment terms are strictly 28 days. If payment terms are exceeded, we will contact you. We are sure in the majority of cases, it has simply been overlooked.

For delivery customers with invoices remaining unpaid after 60 days we reserve the right to

  • commence debt collection procedures, which may incur an admin fee of £40; and/ or
  • Utilise an external debt collector, and recover their fees (including any VAT) from you

For customers dropping off and collecting rugs from our premises, who have not collected and paid for rugs in full after 60 days, we reserve the right to

  • Store the rugs (may be on site or off site) and charge an additional fee for doing so; and/ or
  • Dispose of any uncollected rugs and allocate the sale proceeds to your account

If you are finding it difficult to collect your rugs during our normal opening hours, please contact us, we are happy to take card payment over the phone and can then arrange to deliver your rugs.

We also reserve the right to request payment upfront, and refuse a credit account, where we deem this to be necessary.